Part 1 – Make an Interactive Web to Lead Form

Bots, bots and bots! It is bots everywhere. Bots have become the talk of the town. These days every Live Chat is augmented with the help of a Bot. Another trend is, the typical forms on websites appearing in the form of a bot-like conversation. There are lot of platforms out there on the web that let’s users to build forms that would appear as a bot-like conversation when embedded on a website.

Now this got me thinking. What if we could transform our clumsy Web-to-Lead forms to a bot-like conversational form ? This has lot of advantages –

  1. Say No to Captcha
  2. Delights Your Customers
  3. Increased Conversion Rate

Thus I started my research to build a solution that an everyday Admin can use to convert Web-to-Lead forms to a Chat Bot!

This blog post is a teaser to a series of posts that would explain the implementation/solution in detail.

Interactive Web to Lead in Action


I Wanna Try!

If you are really eager to try this, here you go –

Stay tuned for the next blog post that would take a deep dive into the solution and it’s details.


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