Journey to Salesforce – Hyderabad Edition

IMG-20181208-WA0025Journey to Salesforce is an initiative by the Developer Relations Team at Salesforce, Hyderabad. As the name already suggests, it is all about helping non-Salesforce Developers step into the exhilarating world of development on the Lightning Platform (a.k.a Salesforce). The program was conducted successfully at Hyderabad on December 8th with a turnout of 100 attendees. Thanks to the amazing Developer Relations Team for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this program.

Let’s take a sneak peek at how this fun-filled day turned out to be a huge success at Hyderabad.

Opening Keynote by the Developer Relations Team

It all started with a splendid keynote delivered by Shashank S. and Naga Kiran M. from the Developer Relations Team (Hyderabad). “We are all amidst the greatest revolution of all times – The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” – was the dominant topic of the keynote. It not only enlightened the audience about what’s yet to come but also made us realize how important it is to make applications powered by intelligence.


Panel Discussion: Community Leaders and CXOs

The next in row was the Panel Discussion. It’s a common trend these days to have a panel discussion to the mix. The event wouldn’t sound complete without an engaging discussion and the one at this event was no different. 

Unlike other Panel Discussions, this one was unique in it’s own kind. The panelists were divided into two sections: a group of CXOs from reputed organizations and community leaders hosted by Naga Kiran M. This helped the audience to engage more as they had the opportunity to hear the perspectives from leaders and visionaries from varying realms.

The quandary to the visionaries and leaders was how the Salesforce ecosystem was back 8 years ago, how the situation has changed, what were the challenges faced back then and how we as a whole have overcome these difficult times. This was indeed a great question as it made me realize that it wasn’t that easy 8 years ago. But things have changed dramatically. There are infinitely many ways to learn and master Salesforce these days. We have Trailhead, tons of Certifications, rich ecosystem of Blogs and Forums, amazing Knowledge Base, abundant User Groups and Developer Groups, Official and Community Webinars, YouTube Channels, Salesforce Saturdays…the list goes on and we have new programs emerging frequently.

Panel Dicscussion.jpg

Tech Talk by Community Leaders

Well that was a lot of non-technical talks. But what the audience would really need to know is how Salesforce (a.k.a the Lightning Platform) compares itself to the other tech stacks out there. This was led by Deepak Anand and Aditya Naag. This was absolutely a fun ride. What made it really awesome was that both Deepak and Naga implemented this as a conversation based presentation more or less like a typical fireside chat with each other being the host. It never felt like a talk but instead took the audience into their life story. They enlightened the audience about how they started their career as a lost fresher and worked their way to become successful Trailblazers.

The talk covered how different aspects of an application like the Data Layer, Business Layer and User Interface Layer of a typical App in Salesforce compared itself to other technology stacks like .NET, Java etc. It helped the audience to understand that, Salesforce (a.k.a the Lightning Platform) was no different and they should still feel “at home” even if they had a different expertise.

Tech Talk.jpg

The Game of Kahoot

Honestly – this was my favorite. So for those of you who doesn’t what Kahoot is then in simple words – it’s the impact of 4th Industrial Revolution on – “If you know the answer, raise your hand.“. Who would ever want to do that these days! Kahoot is an online platform that let’s you to play a quiz using your mobile phone. We had two games one before the lunch and another one post the lunch. The winners would stand a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers worth 2K INR! I felt this was much needed since it refreshed the audience and made them more pro-active. The interesting thing about the quizzes was that the questions were based on the content presented at the Panel Discussions, Tech Talks, Bios of Leaders and so on. Thus one would have to be attentive throughout the day to stand a chance to be the winner! Thanks to Vishwa for hosting it.

Success Stories by Community Rockstars

The next in row was the Success Stories and fortunately I was lucky enough to share the stage with Roshan. This gave us a chance to inspire and motivate the audience and bestowed us with an opportunity to share how myself and Roshan have been successful since the time we started working on this amazing platform. The discussion was hosted by Nitisha R. from the Developer Relations Team. I was so excited to be a part of this program as I really wanted to prove that nothing is difficult or impossible if  you have the right mix of passion and determination. We wanted to highlight that a change is inevitable and we should never hesitate in our life to face the challenges. We should never wait for our ship to arrive but instead sail for it. The essence was that, opportunities would never come knocking at your door instead you should work hard towards it.

Success Story

What is Trailhead, Tech Consultation Booths and The Wrap

As we progressed towards the end of the day, the final session was wrapped up by Naga Kiran M. and Shashank S. It was a quick introduction to Trailhead and also discussed about what would be the next steps for the audience to get themselves started on Salesforce platform. One of the most pleasing sight was to see how empowered the audience were. They were all filled with zest and vigor and ready to face the new challenge right away!

There were also Tech. Consultation Booths pioneered by Community Leaders and Rockstars. One could approach any of these booths and the leaders were always there to hold their hand and welcome them to the world of Salesforce.

Last but not the least, not to mention there was a sumptuous breakfast and lunch too. Wait! swags too 😉. Mazel tov Dev Rel Team for making this a huge success and special thanks Jerry (Dev Rel) and Nitisha (Dev Rel) for making it a memorable day!

Image Courtesy: Roshan, Naga Kiran M, Shashank S


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