The ability to Freeze User Accounts in Salesforce isn’t a new feature. It was released back in Winter’14 and it’s been there for a long time now. Now why Freeze a User Account ? Assume that you are the System Administrator for a Salesforce Org and you are planning to do some maintenance over the weekend. So you need to disable the login for all the Users in the Salesforce Org just for the weekend. Now your options would include doing setting up Login Hours, making Users Inactive(please don’t even think doing this; believe that is gonna be a pain) etc. But all of these comes with their own caveats. Here comes Freezing User Accounts to the rescue! This has no side effects as opposed to the other options and all you have to do is to go to a User Account and click the Freeze button. Wait! Do I have to go to each one of them ? Ah! Don’t tell me that. Yeah you have to. Well that’s a pain. So the intention here is to create an App that will let Admins to quickly Freeze and Unfreeze Users in Salesforce.

The main inspiration behind this App are these two Ideas and a lot of Success Community Questions:

  1. Reporting on Freezing User Accounts – 4,980 Points
  2. Mass Freeze Button – 570 Points

Thus, releasing an App to get this done would earn you 5,550 Points and making the days of a Salesforce Admin a bit more happier 🙂

All right so let’s start talking about the App in detail. Here are the main features of the App:

  1. Simple UI/UX: A simple one page app with an intuitive and Lightning Experience friendly User Interface to let the Admins to freeze and unfreeze Users easily with options to do changes both in mass as well as inline.
  2. Filter and Search: Displays the User details with relevant columns and with the ability to filter Users based on various attributes such as Profiles, Roles etc. thus making the ultimate set of Users (that needs to be frozen) finite and concise.
  3. Export: This lets the End Users to export the list of Users as CSV easily via the same UI.

The figure below depicts how the one page app looks like:



  1. Action Buttons

    a. Save : This button helps us to save the changes made in the ‘Frozen’ column. We can freeze or unfreeze the Users by checking the Frozen checkbox corresponding to each user.

    b. Freeze Selected : This button helps us to mass select users and freeze them in one click.

    c. UnFreeze Selected : This button helps us to unfreeze multiple users in a click.

    d. Export : The Export button helps us to export the data seen in the grid in a CSV format which can later be imported too.

  2. Tab

    A separate Custom Tab in the name of ‘Mass Freeze Users’ is available for easy access to the App.

That is all about the App 🙂

Here is a video recording of how the app works –

I will be soon uploading this in the AppExchange, meanwhile if you can’t wait to use it, you can download it in the following link.

And you can experiment with it right here –

Happy Testing ! 🙂



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